Stories, Poems, and Essays



"Triumph—Or, A Bird Without Feathers" in The Sunlight Press (contemporary) - Coming Soon!

"The Bartering Bucket" in Queer Sci-Fi, the Innovation anthology (horror/fantasy flash fiction) - Coming in August 2020!

"In Which a Demonic Printer Sparks an Office Romance" in Toasted Cake (speculative romance) - Coming in November 2020!

"Beyond the Red Door" in Aurelia Leo (fantasy/romance) - Coming in May 2021!

"A Smell Like a Hand Around the Throat" in Tales to Terrify (horror) - Coming Soon!

"We Need More Organic Sleep" in Kasma Magazine (speculative satire) - Coming Soon!

"Chroma Charm" in Translunar Travelers Lounge (speculative romance)

"Things with Permanence" in Short Édition (horror)


"The Stacks" in Riddled with Arrows (metafiction)


"Cream of You" in the Nope TL;DR Press anthology, reprinted in the LOCKDOWN anthology by Black Hare Press (horror)


"Lilium Sapphirus" in ZenGarden (horror microfiction)

"Moon Eater" and "Will Trade for Almost Anything" in Page & Spine (microfiction)

"A Dinner Companion" in 50-Word Stories (microfiction)

"The Bravery of Aitzaz Hasan" in 50-Word Stories (microfiction)



"The Little Death" in Infernal Ink Magazine - Coming in October 2020! 

"Things I Never Want to Understand"
in The Interpreter's House

"He Sold What He Had Left" in Speculative North


"Flower Bud" in The Hellebore

"On a Whim" in Kissing Dynamite

"Artless Man" in Vita Brevis

"minor mysteries" in blood orange

"Chicago at One Hundred Degrees" in semicolon

"A Question for Other Girls" in Dirty Girls Magazine

"The Geometry of Love" in The Sunlight Press 

"Because of That Smile" in The Sunlight Press

"Coupled" in The Sunlight Press

"The Unwritten Stanza" in Mrs. Latimer Had a Fat Cat 

"How We Are Made" in Rust+Moth

"Soulless Landscape" in The Ekphrastic Review


"My Grandma Keeps It 100" on the Erma Bombeck Blog (humor)

"Bend Over for Mama" in Defenestration Magazine (humor)

"I Should Listen to More Reggae" in Defenestration Magazine (humor)

"The Descent" in Litbreak (personal essay)



With blood orange about my poem "minor mysteries" (April 22, 2020)

With "A Writer's Exploration" podcast about my editing career (April 16, 2020)