Diane Callahan: Developmental Editor

As an empathetic editor, my goal is to improve your work in progress and help you become a better writer. Take a gander at my FAQ page for all the nitty-gritty details about my editing process.


Initial Consultation


Manuscript Assessment

$0.02 per word

Copy Editing

$0.02 per word

Developmental Editing

$0.03 per word


Query Package


"Write Your Damn Novel"


See if you like my  editing style!


Copy editing and content suggestions

Identify your book's strengths and weaknesses!


Reading reaction log and analysis of your story

Polish your work to a blazing shine!


 Grammatical corrections and style suggestions

Craft a story that readers can't resist!

Detailed feedback and a road map for revisions

Perfect your submission materials!

Critique of first 10k, query, and synopsis

Plan your novel from start to finish!

Private coaching and outline development

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